2021 Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and everyone is bustling around holiday shopping, baking and attending small gatherings. We are glad to see the mild weather for this time of year especially with the line of business we are in.

Today is set day in Vineyard Haven.  A new modular home  from Westchester Modulars being erected by Baxter Crane on Clough Lane.  The home features 2,010 square feet with an accessory apartment on the second floor.


In Edgartown on Curtis Lane we have two modulars in progress and starting soon a finished basement on one of the modulars we set two years ago.

At #60 the shiplap is being installed on the walls going up the stairway and on the island.  The trim is almost complete and painting in progress.


#50 Curtis Lane siding in progress, 3 season porch, heating and ac systems in place.



That’s a wrap for now. We hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday season with close family and friends!

Fall on the island

It is hard to believe that it is almost mid November and its 64 degrees!  Perfect weather for outside work! It has been very busy around here forgot to post about it!

We have a new foundation going in on Clough Ave in Vineyard Haven.  The home is due to be set next month December 15th.

In Edgartown we have one property recently completed on Curtis Lane and two others in progress.

The newest home was set at #50 Curtis Lane last week and is in the process of buttoning up the exterior. Siding to begin this week.  Trenches for the electrical in progress.


#60 Curtis Lane update….finish carpenter has begun installing trim.   Painters beginning next week.  The tile installer is working on the bathroom.


#49 Curtis Lane the owners are busying setting up their house and putting their final touches 🙂 We will post final home photos on our website soon!

We have a few bathroom renovations in progress as well as finished basements.

The work keeps coming and we keep going!

September Living

The feeling of relief is what comes to mind when we reach September.  You are able to breathe lighter that you made it through another busy summer on Martha’s Vineyard.  It was a record summer for tourists here on the island and now that Labor Day has come and gone and the kids are back in school our little island is becoming “ours” again.  Less traffic, less people now time to get some new houses set!

The home we set on Curtis Lane in June is in the final stages.  The finish carpenter is installing trim, interior doors, handrails and stairs. Soon the appliances will be installed.  The painter has begun the interior of the home.  The carpenters are putting up the last shingles on the exterior, finishing the decks,  The mason is almost complete with the fireplace in the three season porch.


We have a set for a modular home on Curtis Lane coming up next week 9/16.  There is also one more modular #50 Curtis Lane in the beginning of November.  Photos of the new modular at 60 Curtis Lane. Curtis Lane was a popular street for modular this year!

We hope everyone has a great, stress-free weekend!


Summer Summer Summertime on MV

Summer time we hope for sun and beach but this summer the weather hasn’t been spectacular.  Let’s hope the sun shines this weekend and for the rest of August!

Despite the gray day, we day we made the rounds to check up on our Edgartown properties.

On Middle Street, the home is nearing the finish line.  The trim is being installed, the painter is in. The counter tops have been installed. The bathroom tile has been completed.  Finally the shingles have been completed. There was a shortage for a short period of time.  The decking is done and outside shower!  The appliances will be delivered in the coming weeks, some are backordered due to COVID and shipping delays.


On Curtis Lane we have two active projects and one coming up.  One property has the foundation in the ground and is being back filled.  The house is due to come September 16th.

Here are some updated progress photos on the modular home on Curtis Lane we set back in June.  The flooring has been ordered should be on island soon! The owners picked out a Sawyer Mason floor.  Now that we have shingles again the carpenters are busy getting to work shingling the home.

Hope the sun pops out and keep up the good work!

July on Martha’s Vineyard

July has flow by. The weather hasn’t been the best, there are a lot of tourists on the island.  We have had a lot of rain and cloudy days this month.  Despite the weather we have been working hard completing jobs and starting on new ones!

Our next modular set is coming up in September on Curtis Lane, Edgartown.  We have taken a short respite of setting homes to complete all the homes we have set the last 6 months.  In the fall we will have another aggressive schedule. Here are some photos of the progress of the site work on the next Curtis Lane project. This one will be the third home we have done on Curtis Lane. We will have one more coming this fall!


The set in June on Curtis Lane is coming along. There is a shortage of cedar shingles so we are at a stand still waiting for more to be delivered on the island. The trim on outside and decking is in progress. The plumbing and heating and electrical are all in progress.


On Middle Street in Edgartown the home has a ton going on!  The tile works in in progress, the finish carpenters are in now working on the trim, installing doors, the stairs etc. The painter has started.  The kitchen counters will be installed in the next coming weeks.  The home is bustling with workers trying to complete the job.

Lots of moving parts here but we are making it work!  We hope to see some sunny days soon!

Summer Season Upon Us

The unofficial start to summer has come and gone! Memorial Day weekend was a bit of a wash on the island.  Rained  on and off all weekend. The team at Squash Meadow went out for our annual lunch at Atlantic, it was great finally being able to go out and eat all together as a company again!

We currently have three modulars all in progress at different stages.

Last week we set a home in the rain… on Curtis Lane in Edgartown.  We always hope for dry days so there is no water damage but we were able to get the house set and everything was dry!  The set crew was efficient and able to button up the house quickly.   Here are a few photos from the set:



The second job we have in Edgartown on Middle Street they are working on finishing the exterior siding. Subcontractors are working on the rough inspections.


At the Vineyard Haven modular on Greenwood the siding and decking is complete. The sheet rock has been hung. The finish carpenter is working on trim and baseboards.  Tile has been completed in the bathrooms.


This past week we completed the modular home on Simpson Ave.  The home was set on February 11th and completed last week.  Now the owners can move into their new three bedroom, 2.5 bath home.  The property is approximately 1850 square feet of living space.  Once the owners have furnished  and decorated the property we will take final photographs for the website.

As you can see the Squash Meadow team has been busy and continues to be.  We have out next set coming up in September give everyone a little reprieve of the last five modular sets.

Have a great weekend!


Squash Meadow Construction was contacted by Healthy Aging Martha’s Vineyard a few months back asking to assist in modifying homes for our aging community.  HAMV is helping clients have safer home environment by installing grab bars in the bathrooms and handrails on interior and exterior stairs. To date we have modified 6 properties.

We are happy to work with HAMV to help the residents and community.


Spring Time on MV

The days are growing longer, the temperature is rising and the sun is shining, finally spring on MV!

The latest home was set in Vineyard Haven, the property is comprised of 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths with a finished basement. The property is about 2,275 sq. feet plus the finished basement of 1,050 sq. ft.  The crew is buttoning up the property and will start the exterior shingles soon.  Here are some photos from set day:


Our next set is coming up in a month April 20 & 21st in Edgartown on Middle Street.  The home has been demolished and the foundation will start soon.

We will take May off from setting a house and be right back at it in June.  The home is also a demo/re-build in Edgartown on Curtis Lane. Here is the home to be demolished this spring.


At our project in Oak Bluffs on Puritan Drive the subs are laying the hardwood flooring and drywall is going up.

The other Oak Bluffs project on Simpson Ave. the exterior siding is being finished up.  The electrical and plumbing roughs are all complete.  Insulation will begin soon.

In Vineyard Haven the Montessori School has a temporary certificate of occupancy so the school can begin to set up desks and tables and chairs etc.  Once the exterior site work is completed they will receive the full certificate and be able to begin teaching in the new building. The site work is in progress this spring.

Lastly our other modular project in Vineyard Haven on the waterfront is almost done being furnished. Here are some sample photos before the home is listed on our website.


Enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather!

March on MV

March on MV….one day it is 45 degrees and sunny the next day it is windy with a windchill of 0.  You never know what you are going to get with the weather in New England but we roll with it working in construction.

In Vineyard Haven the next modular site is well underway. The plumber is installing a pump in the basement for a future bathroom.  The foundation will be inspected, the water seal will be applied and the window well installed. Then backfilled all before the modular boxes are set on March 17th.


The home that we set in January’s exterior is coming together nicely.  The home has been insulated.  The drywall will be coming up next.  The flooring has been delivered and acclimating for installation.



The next modular home is set to be delivered in April in Edgartown.  There is a current home on the site that will be demolished in the next few weeks. Photos will be posted!

Stay warm and see you in a few weeks with more updates!



Six More Weeks of Winter

The Groundhog saw his shadow this week…6 more weeks of winter…fowl weather or not we are on one of the job sites with our aggressive winter schedule to follow.

Starting in Edgartown/Katama the modular is now complete with the certificate of occupancy.  The Owner can now decorate and move in! One job off of the list….

Continuing in Edgartown we have another modular home to be set on Middle Street in April. The current home on the lot will be demolished. The owners have cleared out the property and water has been turned off. Electrical will be shut off soon. We will keep you updated on the progress.

In Oak Bluffs the modular we set last month on Puritan Drive is currently working on framing of the front porch and back deck.  Next the carpenters will shingle.  The plumber and electricians are working on their roughs.

Also, in Oak Bluffs we have another modular set next week on Simpson Ave. The foundation is set and almost ready for the boxes to be set on top. This week the electrical service is going on the ground and the excavators will back fill the foundation.  Stay tuned!

Now heading to Vineyard Haven we have the Vineyard Montessori School nearing the end of the project.  The handrails and grab bars and signage is going up.  The school landscaping should be done in the next few weeks.  The final inspections should be coming soon the project is almost ready for the students!


Just down the road a bit our water front home on Main Street is complete we are waiting on the appliances to be delivered.  With COVID we have seen a delay in appliances at a few of our jobs.  Order your appliances early folks!  The furniture has been delivered and set up.  The home looks amazing!!!!


Around the corner on Iroquois  Avenue the large renovation project has completed the indoor framing and new roof. The new electrical and plumbing roughs have been finished.  The new kitchen, bathrooms and flooring has been ordered!

Stay warm, stay healthy and see you soon!