Weekly Report…

Here is your weekly report of the happenings here at Squash Meadow…not too much to report this week but here we go!

At the Red House job on the Oak Bluffs harbor work continues to move along. The drywall has been hung. The crew is in the process of taping and mudding currently in the living room. The foyer of the house has “Shiplap” going up and I must say it is looking fabulous.

The flooring has been delivered to the property and is acclimating.

Have you seen the fireplace? It is looking amazing! I cannot wait to see the final outcome of this renovation job.

On Barnes Road we have the finish contractor going in to install the stair treads and newel posts. This job is ahead of schedule which is always nice to hear. Photos to come next week!

That’s all for now, see you next week!