Weather in New England…

The weather this week has been all over the place. We started off with -14 degrees with the wind chills, brrrrr! Followed by a high of 54 degrees mid-week with high winds, sideways rain and no boats running. We are ending the week at 37 and sunny let the work outside work commence.

Trotter’s Lane, West Tisbury the exterior lighting has been installed and waiting on the final electrical inspection to occur. The counter tops arrived and have been set in place along with the appliances. Things are moving right along at this home.

At the Mayflower Lane job in Vineyard Haven the weather did tie us up this week as the work at the home is mostly outside at the moment. Today work progresses and you can see the great room framing continues.

Winemack project the counter tops and appliance both have arrived! The counter tops were installed and look great! The appliances are being installed as I type this. The cleaners have completed the cleaning on the second and third floor and will finish the first floor this weekend. The painters are touching up some spots. The stairs were stained over last weekend. The plumbers and electricians are waiting on their final inspections. Everything is coming together nicely. Hardware and mirrors will be installed soon.

Working directly on East Chop on the Oak Bluffs Harbor this week was tough but the contractors made progress despite the weather holding us up. The window installation has begun. The second floor dormers are framed up and ice shield on. The foundation posts have been completed.

Last but not least our set today on Barnes Road was postponed today till Monday due to the high winds yesterday. The barge was not being able to pick up the boxes to deliver them to the island. The house will now be set on the foundation on Monday. Let’s hope the weather cooperates with us this time around.

Have a great weekend and stay tuned till next week’s progress report!