Where has the time gone?

Where has the time gone? October is coming to an end, then the holidays will be just around the corner.  The fishing derby has ended, restaurants are closing for the season and soon the island will start to quiet down.  We are still working as hard as ever to get all our current projects completed, meanwhile new projects are in the pipeline.

In Vineyard Haven the Main Street home on the water is almost complete. The landscaping has been finished, the hardwood flooring has been laid, the painters are working hard on the large project. The finish carpenter is installing wainscoting in the powder room and finishing up the baseboards. Interior photos to come soon.

In Oak Bluffs the garage  apartment project appliances have been ordered, electrical and plumbing roughs have been completed. The garage apartment should be completed by the end of November.

The Oak Bluffs modular on Hampson Ave. landscaping has been completed and pool too!

The Vineyard Montessori School new building was set last week and the crew is under way to buttoning up the exterior.

The Edgartown/Katama project on Milikin Way has had the dry wall subcontractors in, owner will be painting themselves after the project is complete.  Flooring has been delivered and started being put down.  Things are nearing the end.

Our next modular home will be set in January in Oak Bluffs followed by another set in February.  We have two homes waiting on zoning board meetings than their set dates will be approved.  We have a handful of renovation projects in the works at this time.  Everyone is working hard despite the pandemic going on.  Stay healthy and safe!

Fall is near on MV

Fall is in the air today and a few tourists have left the island, although still pretty steady here especially on the weekends.  We are still working hard and continue to be busy.

In Vineyard Haven on West Chop things are nearing the end for us.  The finish work is in progress.  All the trim on the windows and doors are complete with the exception of the sliders which they are currently working on.  The custom closets shelving has been installed.  The wainscoting is almost complete.  The painters have begun to do the interior work.  Next week the wood flooring will begin.  The septic is going in toady. The project is nearing completion and almost ready for the final touches. The owner has listed the home for sale for $5,890,000!



Down the road a little bit closer to town the Vineyard Montessori School new building foundation is in progress and the pouring of the concrete will be next week.  The school building will be set on the foundation after Columbus Day.


In Oak Bluffs we have a stick built garage with high end finishes going up with an apartment above.

In Edgartown, Katama our set at the end of August has been sided and trim is up.  The deck is currently being installed. The electrical and plumbing roughs have been completed. The owner has picked out the counter tops and they have been ordered for the kitchen.

That’s a wrap for this week.  Stay safe and have a great weekend!

Labor Day on MVY

Labor Day is around the corner.  The summer is coming to an end.  We made it!  It was busy and different this year with the pandemic but we survived and continue to work hard.

The pool and fencing are in progress on Hampson Ave.  Final photos to come upon completion.  The owners on Spruce Ave are enjoying their new home.

Up on West Chop the dehumidifiers are in place acclimating for the wood floor install scheduled to start next week.  The trim and baseboards going in to bathrooms.


At the latest set in Katama the work continues to button up the house.  Exterior and subs have started their roughs inspections.

The Vineyard Montessori School in Vineyard Haven is expanding and the foundation is foundation is in place.  The modular set is due to come to the island mid October.


Have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend coming up!

August on MV

It has been a very busy summer on the island.  We thought COVID would keep tourists away but it has not.  Most thought COVID would slow work down but it seems like the opposite is happening. Keep the work coming!

Our modular set in Vineyard Haven in the West Chop area is coming right along. The decks now have cable rails installed.  The bathrooms have all been tiled.  The insulation has gone up. Drywall will be soon then the finish carpentry and painters will get in.  Here are some progress pictures from the summer.

The set for the site in Katama (Edgartown) is coming next week.  The foundation is ready to go!


Back in Vineyard Haven our next site is being cleared off of Main Street! Delivery date pending either middle ofSeptember or beginning of October.

We have a stick built garage going up on East Chop that is in progress as well amongst other smaller jobs.  Design work is in progress for another set of modulars coming this fall/winter.

Have a great week we will be back in touch soon with more progress!

Weather On Our Side

We have various jobs in all stages, some are in design work, some are clearing lots and putting in foundations others are in the final move in stages. No matter what stage your project is in we are working hard to get the job completed with quality and professionalism.  The phone has been ringing a lot recently with clients looking to do a modular home, we are grateful the jobs are lined up for the fall already!

The weather has been on our side to get the exterior work completed for the West Chop property. Here is a sneak peak of the inside of the property!


The renovation project is almost complete the lighting  and fans has been installed. Looking good!


The foundation for the new modular coming in August has started having the footings poured in Katama.


The home on on Spruce Avenue is in the personalization stage. The finish carpenter is in working on the baseboards, the cabinets in the mudroom and install doors and trim.  Appliances are being delivered this week.  We cannot wait to see the finish product!


That wraps up our week here at Squash Meadow.  See you next week!

Officially Summer on MV

The island is starting to pick up with the nice weather. Work has picked up too.

It is always exciting starting a new project. The lot in Katama has started to be cleared.  The house is to be set on the foundation mid August.


The Spruce Ave. job  in Oak Bluffs the flooring has started to be laid down and the decorative shiplap ceiling is being installed.

In Vineyard Haven at our renovation project the outside shower is complete and plumbing os done inside and out.

At our modular job on West Chop the exterior is getting closer to the completion date. Everyone is working hard to get all the outside work done prior to July 1st.  Once we complete the exterior interior work is allowed during the summer months and will focus on the plumbing, heating, electrical work and hope to have the owners in toward the end of September.



That wraps up our update on projects for this week.  Have a great Father’s Day to all the dads out there and its almost officially summer!!

June on Martha’s Vineyard

Usually June on MV is bustling with tourists…it is pretty quiet out there due to the COVID.  We actually are able to drive around with no traffic still which is amazing.  We can enjoy the beaches and outdoor dining before the crowds come…which we know they will come.

Good news!!  Two of our new modular homes received their certificates of occupancy this week!!!

The Hampson Avenue has their certificate of occupancy and now can stay in their brand new home!   The landscaping continues. Interior photos will be added on our website soon!

The Bramble Path home in West Tisbury received their certificate of occupancy as well and the owners are now allowed to move their items in and live there. Photos to come.

On Spruce Avenue, Oak Bluffs the flooring from Stonewood Products the Sawyer Mason line has been delivered.  The installation will begin ASAP.  The electricity is now on in the home.

In Vineyard Haven at our renovation project the painters are nearing the end.  The new bathroom has been tiled and waiting on fixtures.

At our West Chop water front modular the home continues on the exterior work, siding and decking.


Enjoy the nice weather and stay healthy!

Plugging Along on MV

It’s Wednesday the middle of the work week and we keep plugging along.  Martha’s Vineyard continues to have great weather, not too hot, not too cold and not too much rain which is good for our outside jobs.

In Vineyard Haven- West Chop we are working quickly as we have few more weeks to get the outside work of this home buttoned up before we can no longer do exterior work due to the town by-laws. The  exterior stairs are going up and siding and decking continue.


At our renovation project in Vineyard Haven the landscaping continues and the painters have now started the interior paint.


At the Spruce Avenue home in Oak Bluffs Matt (of Ridgeline Construction) installs a tin ceiling for the owners.


The Hampson Avenue home in Oak Bluffs is in the final touch period.  The appliances have been installed. The hardware for the kitchen cabinets has been installed. The custom stairs and cabinets have been completed.  The owners had some furniture delivered and they are waiting on the certificate of occupancy any day now.  Next up they will be working on installing a pool!

Cannot wait to see the final out come of these homes and post them on our website!


Un-official start to Summer

The un-official start to summer has begun on the island.  Memorial Day weekend was a different feel this year than years past.  The island seemed busier with homeowners here enjoying their home but the vacation rentals and hotels are still not permitted due to COVID 19.  This is giving homeowners the opportunity to spruce up their properties and use the homes themselves which does not happen as frequently.  In Phase 2 we will hear if the governor will allow vacation rentals and hotels and restaurants when they can re-open and what restrictions they will have.  Construction work continues as we are playing catch up and trying to complete a few properties to get the new owners in!

Up in West Tisbury at the Bramble Path job the subs are putting the final touches on the home and soon final inspections will be called in!  The owner will be able to start landscaping and move their furniture in!


In Oak Bluffs on Hampson Ave. we will be calling in the final inspections and working on obtaining the certificate of occupancy in the next week.  The owners will be able to enjoy putting their personal touches on their home this summer!


Exterior siding and decking continue at the West Chop property.

Lastly we have used Stonewood Products outdoor shower kits on a few of our current projects.  The product came out nice!  They have all different sizes and custom details you can add to you outside shower, a staple item for a Vineyard home.

Have a safe week and enjoy this sunny, warm weather!

Spring time on Martha’s Vineyard

We are taking advantage of beautiful springtime weather and 5-man work crews to keep our momentum moving forward. Siding and decks being completed while carpenters, painters, plumbers, and tilers work on finished up our homes.
(Please note that all crew & subs on projects strictly adhering to best management practices of Social Distancing and wearing PPE when needed for everyone’s safety. Some pics show individuals working alone and were taken 8′-10′ back)

At our modular home on West Chop, in Vineyard Haven the crew continues to work on siding the exterior. What a great view to look at while working!  (Vineyard Haven Harbor watch the boats go by.)



At our renovation project in Vineyard Haven the owners are adding a bedroom, bathroom in the old loft and adding a screened in porch.  Things are finishing up at this project.


In Oak Bluffs on Spruce Ave. the tile contractors have been working hard on the showers and the back splash.

At our Hampson Avenue modular home the tile contractors were in putting in the finishing touches. The plumber was installing fixtures and the glass has been installed in the bathroom showers.

Keep up the good work, enjoy this nice weather and stay healthy! Until next week… 🙂