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Summer and Fall 2015

Greeting everyone! Apologies for the large gap between posts. A lot has been happening in the Squash Meadow world since last spring. We had a busy summer season with the completion of all our 2014-2015 projects, which we proudly boast were all completed on time and on budget. Here is one picture of  a recently completed Squash Meadow/Westchester Modular home in West Chop, Vineyard Haven this summer.

Essex Poster copy

Among many other projects, we’re also putting the finishing touches on a new building for the Martha’s Vineyard Community Center, a project (much like Vineyard House last year) which represents a shift towards municipal, commercial, and corporate projects taking advantage of the modular approach to building with Squash Meadow Construction.

Speaking of Vineyard House, this summer we were excited to find out that Vineyard House achieved the highest possible rating of Platinum in the LEED for Homes program by the US Green Building Council. The significance here is that Platinum status rarely get awarded without the use of renewable resources in a project. Renewable resources are things like solar energy, recycled water, etc. Vineyard House being a residential campus for a non profit organization, these buildings were designed around a budget and a timeline. While understanding the importance of building green, the main objective of Vineyard House was to achieve a high quality, safe, and affordable housing community for those recovering from addiction, not necessarily hitting a home run in the green building department. However, due to the inherent building process of Squash Meadow Construction and Westchester Modular Homes, these building rated so highly on their own that they STILL achieved what we consider to be the highest possible rating you can get in the green building world.


vineyard house copy



In other news, we’re in the process of finishing, setting new, and designing many new modular homes as well as several renovations for the upcoming season of 2015-2016. But even with our schedule as full as it is, CEO Bill Potter still made it a point to donate time with his carpenters to a very cool local project going on in Oak Bluffs. Below you’ll see pictures of the SMC team contributing to the building of a local playground on Thursday, 10/15/15. Here’s a link to a local article about the project.

park park 2 park3


That’s about all for now folks. Check back soon for more updates and tidbits from us at Squash Meadow Construction!