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Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride, Nobody’s gonna slow me down.

A long overdue happy Spring to everyone! After our first weekend of actual spring temperatures we’re exited to see the island buzzing with life again. The winter was long and harsh, with as we all know by now, record setting snow fall. We certainly felt the effects here with more snow than we knew what to do with as you can see below, with just another day in the life at our offices in february.



In spite of all this, Squash Meadow Construction showed no signs of slowing down in late 2014 into 2015. With work lined up well into 2016 our momentum continues to increase and we’re anticipating our busiest year to date. With the completion of the Vineyard House project in December of 2014, we’ve been fortunate enough to have some doors open for us on some commercial construction projects on the island that have come to Squash Meadow to achieve via the modular approach. More details on those to come but let’s just say we’re excited to explore these new opportunities for our company as well as continuing to set milestones in contemporary modular construction. Of course, these milestones couldn’t have been set without the collaboration of our friends and partners, Westchester Modular Homes, inc. of Westchester, New York.

With so many new and exciting projects afoot lets not forget what we’ve achieved in the last several months. In the process of wrapping up Vineyard House we were able to set two additional modular homes on Martha’s Vineyard, in both Edgartown and West Chop, Vineyard Haven. Pictured below you’ll see the Essex job, 3 story colonial with second and third story decks to take advantage of the water views of West Chop. This home was delivered this Winter and is on target to be completed by summer 2015.



And below is another highly customized colonial design under the project name “Darkwoods”, found in Edgartown. A 2 story home with walkout basement, also to be completed by Summer 2015.

Pictured from the front

holtz front

Pictured from the rear

holtz rear

As you can see, due to the slope in the grade it allowed our clients to customize the design to allow much greater square footage than one would expect viewing it from the front.

As the days grow warmer Squash Meadow is heating up as well. We have several renovations in progress which will be complete by summer, and we have another modular structure arriving in the end of April, this time a custom garage, and we even have a pool project in works! Stay tuned on that one.

Lastly, we were honored to be nominated for Best of The Vineyard once again in the catagory of Best Contractor or Builder for 2015. As defending champs, we’re excited to hear the results this June.

Thats about it for now. Stay tuned to our website and blog for more upcoming announcements and updates to our portfolio in the weeks to come.